About Us

Here at RoundtheDowel, we have been crafting websites since 1998, when a website was a series of clunky documents linked together. Today we are still at it,  adopting the latest web standards ensuring maximum compatibility and search engine optimisation. We specialise in WordPress based sites these days, as this once-humble-blogging-platform has bloomed into a highly sophisticated, open source (no-cost licence),  fully customizable content management system.

We are also busy with graphic design projects for print purposes – posters, pamphlets, stickers, t-shirts and anything else you can print on!

Us, the people:

elinaElina Mcmanus

Elina is an Irish woman, embued with the classic calm and optimism associated with her kind. She graduated from Dublin City University in 1999 with a degree in business marketing. She founded RoundtheDowel with Robbie (see below!) in 2000, adding web design to her skillset and taking on projects of her own since day 1.

She is the glue that holds RoundtheDowel together and keeps us grounded, reasonable and optimistic…

She loves travel, mountains, riding bikes, carving powder-snow, sewing and organising her stationary in her legendary desk: “Pinky’s World!”

She also loves Aran and Zev, her little boys.


robbieRobbie Mendelow

Robbie doesn’t really know where he’s from, concentrating more on where he’s going…

He graduated from Strathclyde University with a degree in Architecture and a clutch of commendations and prizes in 1996. Not content to trudge the narrow road of formal architecture, he chose a life of designing and building structures, small buildings, staircases and furniture, as well as graphic design, illustration and, as you probably guessed, web design.

His appetite for learning new stuff keeps him always up to date with the latest web standards and trends, ensuring that clients don’t miss out on any arising technologies …

He loves skateboarding, snow, skydiving, drawing and playing with daisy, RoundtheDowel’s Andalucian Rat-Catcher.

He also loves Aran and Zev, his little boys.

our philosophy:

We use big business knowledge in a small company environment – our philosophy being that a tight-knit team can offer a more personal and effective client service than a large scale corporation. All our projects involve pre-design consultancy and extensive communication to ensure we understand your needs, expectations and gain feedback throughout the process.

Whether you need to ease administrative burdens, advertise your company or create a new web based identity, high quality, original design and skillful project management will ensure that RoundtheDowel can find the answer to maximise your business potential.