About Kia DeCou (co-founder of Think in English)
I started teaching English over 20 years ago as a volunteer in an isolated region of Colombia with only a blackboard and a piece of chalk.  I loved traveling, learning languages and living all over the world so  I got a job on a cruise ship.  This was fun but was such hard work that I was beginning to lose feeling in large parts of my feet after less than a year.  Also, I never got to stop in any one place long enough to meet people or really get to know a place so I knew I had to look for something else.  

While searching through an old magazine called Escape I found an advertisement for learning how to teach English in only 4 weeks!  This sounded great and within 2 months I was off on my first paid teaching assignment in Japan.  In Japan I threw myself into teaching but knew I could do a better job if I knew more about it than the 4 week course had been able to provide.  After 2 years in Japan, I returned to school to get a Masters of Arts in Teaching from The School for International Training where I became acquainted with many more ways of teaching.  Since then I have taught in The United States (Los Angeles, Arizona and New York), Turkey (Ankara and Malatya) and I am back in Japan, this time in Tokyo.  It has been my honor to work with adults, university students and high school students from countries all over the world.  

Each place I have gone and each teaching position I have had has brought further knowledge of all the ways that people learn and all of the wonderful skills, talents, interests and motivations we all bring with us when we set out to learn something.  

Learning is something I feel passionate about.  We all have a vital role to play in shaping our own brains and as an educator I love to stretch mine every day.  Encouraging students to use their brains in many different ways and giving them opportunities to show what they can do makes me happy. 

In addition to teaching I also love photography (especially black and white film and alternative processing), reading (I will read almost anything), bookmaking (really, making almost anything with my hands), volleyball (2 person beach volley is the best) and so many other things including those that I have yet to discover.